How to Annotate/Markup Photos [iOS]
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How to Annotate/Markup Photos:

  1. Open the SYNCHRO Notes iOS app.

  2. Go to the menu on the project list and click "About" and make sure you have at least a version number of 3.0.9 or greater. If not, go to the Apple App store and update your app to the latest version. 

  3. Take a voice or text note. Once you're done, you will be prompted to add an existing photo or take a new photo. Choose one of the two. 

  4. When you take a photo and save, the screen will now have a faded black overlay with markup tool along the right side.

  5. You can start drawing right away. Hit "Save" when you're done.

  6. If you don't need to make any markup edits, you can just hit "Save" 

Important to note: If you are selecting multiple existing photos from your camera roll, the ability to annotate/markup will not be offered to you. It will only work if you choose one existing photo or take one photo at a time. 

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