How to Annotate/Markup Photos:

  1. Open the NoteVault Notes! iOS app.

  2. Go to the menu on the project list and click "About" and make sure you have at least a version number of 2.700 or greater. If not, go to the Apple App store and update your app to the latest version. 

  3. Take a voice or text note. Once you're done, you will be prompted to add an existing photo or take a new photo. Choose one of the two. 

  4. When you take a photo and save, the screen will now have a faded black overlay that says "Tap Anywhere to Edit."

  5. Once you are in edit mode, you can start drawing right away. Hit "Done" when you're done. 

Important to note: If you are selecting multiple existing photos from your camera roll, the ability to annotate/markup will not be offered to you. It will only work if you choose one existing photo or take one photo at a time. 

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