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Export All Photos for a Project [WEB]
Export All Photos for a Project [WEB]
Export Project Images
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  1. Navigate to the project you wish to export all the images for.

  2. Click on the magnifying glass displayed to the right of the Daily Report.

  3. Search for the date range that you'd like the images for. If you'd like images for the entire duration of the project, just choose the 'All Time' date range option.

  4. Once the results display, click on the blue 'Export' button on the Search Results.

  5. A confirmation will appear. Click on 'download all images.' 

(If the file is too large, the zip file of images will be emailed to you. In addition, make sure you don't have your pop-up blocker enabled or else you won't be able to download files). 

Click on the Export All Button

Click on 'download all images'

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