Markup/Annotation tool:

Here are steps to markup photos that are attached to your DailyLog notes.

Step 1: To add a new photo to existing note tap on "..." of the note and pick "Take Photo/Video" to add a new photo you are going to take, or "Choose Existing Photo/Video" to attach a photo that is already stored on your device.

Step 2: If you select Take Photo you will be presented with a basic Camera tool to capture a new image.

Step 3: After you've taken the photo you are presented the option to discard it and retake the photo or accept the photo you've taken.

Tap on Use Photo.

Step 4: Markup your image if needed.

Once you've accepted your photo, you are presented with tools to markup/annotate the photo. You can use the different tools to highlight certain content, add clarifying text and/or focus attention to certain areas.

Step 5: Choose your Markup tool

With the Markup tool selector, you can change between the different markup tools to add freestyle lines, circles, arrows and even text.

Step 6: Change tool color

Using the Color Picker, you can change the color used by the markup tools

Once you have added your markups tap on the Save button and the edited photo will be attached to your note.

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