How to Connect to Procore
Upload NoteVault Daily PDF Reports into Procore with This Integration
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Here is a Video Walkthrough on How to Set Up Your NoteVault Procore Connection:

How to Connect a NoteVault project to a Procore project:

You must be a NoteVault account administrator to set up this integration.

  1. As an account administrator, log into the NoteVault website and click on ‘USER SETTINGS’ (displayed as ☰) at the top left-hand side of the page.

  2. Click on ‘Connections’.

  3. Click on the Procore icon.

  4. From there, you will be re-directed to the NoteVault Procore Connections page. Here, you will need to log into your NoteVault account (if it does not automatically do so).

  5. Once logged in, click on the 'Connect to Procore' button.

  6. You will then be prompted to log into your Procore account.

  7. Once logged in, you will have to click on the 'Allow' button from the Procore pop-up asking you to authorize and give NoteVault access to your account.

  8. You will be re-directed to the NoteVault Procore Connections page. From here, select the Procore Company and Project you wish to connect to a NoteVault project. Click on the 'Connect' button when you are done. 

What happens now?

 Depending on your project settings, an auto-report will be generated every specified day at your specified time and sent out to your report recipients. 

When this occurs, the PDF Daily Report will also be uploaded into your Procore account under the 'Documents' tab. If you go to the Project Documents folder and select the project name you connected, you will now see a folder titled 'NoteVault Daily Reports.' This is where the PDFs will be uploaded. 

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