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How to Upload Multiple Photos to a Note [WEB]
How to Upload Multiple Photos to a Note [WEB]
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How to Add Multiple Photos to a Note

You can only add one photo when you are creating a note in the NoteVault web portal. You can upload multiple photos via the NoteVault Notes! app, or by emailing in the photos. You can also add multiple photos to an existing note.

To Email in Multiple Photos to a Project:

  1. Select the project you wish to access from the project drop-down menu.

  2. At the top of the Daily Report, you will see your 'Project Email Address.'

  3. This is the email address you can send notes and photos to, and they will post just like a regular note into the Daily Report.

  4. IMPORTANT: Make sure your the email you are sending your photos and notes from is the same email in your user details. The NoteVault system ONLY accepts emailed-in notes from email addresses that match the users on file for the project. You can access your 'USER SETTINGS' on the top left-hand side of the NoteVault system (displayed as ☰).

Make sure you send your notes/photos in from the same email address in your user settings:

To add a photo to an existing note:

  1. Hover over the note you wish to add the photo to.

  2. Click on the note menu icon (displayed as ☰ on the top right of the note).

  3. Click on "Upload Photo or File."

  4. Click on "Choose File."

  5. When you are done, click the blue "Upload" button.

Hover over the note menu & select upload photo or file:

Attach a file and click upload when you are done:

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