Yes, for the most part. We use construction professionals to transcribe our customers content into text which gives us a huge advantage over automated systems.

This means that we can look through the custom glossary (found in project settings) that enables you to provide a reference for acronyms and place names that may come up in your project. This glossary is presented to our transcribers when listening to your audio to help improve their accuracy.

Also, we do encourage users to speak deliberately and clearly to make it easier to understand what they're saying. We believe that the best recordings are in the moment or 'as it happens,' but if it's too noisy or windy it does help to find a less noisy environment to record a note.

Best Practices

  • Remember that our transcribers are human. You can talk to us just like you would talk to a colleague on the phone. Use a conversational tone. 

  • You do not need to speak punctuation; we’ll take care of that for you Just use inflection to indicate the end of a sentence or the beginning of a new paragraph. However, if you’d like to be sure to start a new paragraph or have something in list format, simply instruct our transcribers to start a new paragraph or to please put this in list format. 

  • Remember that names and acronyms can be challenging. You can add them to the glossary or you can spell them out and we will add them to the glossary for you. (You can even add technical jargon to your glossary)

  • We realize that noise on the job site is sometimes unavoidable but sometimes simply turning your back away from the equipment/noise helps improve sound quality. Likewise, turning your back away from the wind, helps keep the wind from overpowering the audio. 

  • It’s not necessary to speak very loudly, just be sure to speak directly into your phone. Sometimes speaking too loudly distorts the audio.

  • Remember we are here to help, feel free to contact us at anytime. 

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