How do I use the voice transcription?
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Firstly, it is recommended to have a user plan that allows for human transcription. There will be charges for human transcription and they will be either 'pay per use' or 'unlimited'. Please see the pricing page for details on pricing.

After logging in and selecting the desired project, choose Record Note. You can speak into the phone for up to a 3 minute duration. After you are finished recording, click done. If necessary, attach any photos or videos to correspond to the audio note. Once completed with attachments, click I'm Done and the audio will be sent to our human transcribers.

The minimum time a transcription will take is 4x the recorded audio. The maximum time will be before 11:59 pm on the same day. While awaiting human transcription, you will see a 'Transcription pending' message on both the app and the web portal.

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