How does transcription work?
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Transcription is a unique patent NoteVault holds exclusively. Once you create an audio note via your smart phone or cell phone that file is sent to our team of human transcribers. The team is located in the United States and all have a background in the construction. They will manually type the audio you have attached to your note leaving you to continue with inspections and documentations.

Title: How does Human Transcription work?

Human Transcription is a unique patent NoteVault exclusively holds. Upon creating an audio note via a smart device, your audio file is then sent to our team of professional human transcribers. Our human transcribers are located domestically all across the United States and are required to have a construction background.

Once the audio file has been received, our human transcribers will listen to the audio and manually transcribe it. This typed transcription is then available across all of our platforms along with the audio file for playback.

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