How do I create a reporting category?
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Categories are used to group notes on your NoteVault daily reports. Review your reports and determine which categories you want to create in NoteVault. You can either state one of the specified categories at the beginning of dictated notes and have NoteVault assign the notes to that category, or you can assign a category to a typed note after it is created. To manage the reporting categories, follow the steps below:

  1. After logging into the NoteVault website, click on ‘ACCOUNT SETTINGS’ on the upper right of the screen 

2. Click on the ‘Global Default Settings’ link.

3. Scroll to ‘REPORT CATEGORIES’. From there you can reorder, delete or add new categories. Reordering categories will also change the order the categories are displayed on the report

4. If you want your changes to affect previous reports, click on ‘Update Existing Projects’. If you want your changes to impact only future reports, click on ‘Save Order’.

Categories can also be adjusted for each individual project. These changes can be made by navigating to the specific project and clicking Project Settings from the toolbar on the right. Click Categories and make any necessary adjustments.

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