Exclude Notes From the Daily Report:

There are a couple of ways you can do this. You can either manually exclude certain notes, or exclude all notes from the daily report unless they are otherwise approved.

Manually Exclude Notes:

  1. Hover over the note you wish you exclude.

  2. Click on the note menu icon (displayed as ☰ on the top right of the note).

  3. Click on "Unapprove."

Enable Approval Process:

  1. This is done on a project level, so it must be done on each project you wish to enable this on. To begin enter the project you wish to enable this on.

  2. Click on "PROJECT SETTINGS" (displayed as⚙ to the right of the daily report).

  3. Click on "Report Settings."

  4. Scroll down to the section called "APPROVAL PROCESS"

  5. Check the box that says "Require approval to include in reports."

  6. Click "Save" when you are done.

Automatically, every note will be "Unapproved," and will need to be manually approved by clicking on a blue "Approve" on the bottom right of each note.

Click on Project Settings in the Project You Wish to Enable the Approval Process On:

Go to Report Settings

Check the Box to Require Approval for All Notes

Click Approve to Include the Note in the Daily Report

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