What is Alert Me! and how do I set it up?
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Setting up Alert Me! is a great way to broadcast information throughout a project. Alert Me! is triggered by a recorded voice note, or by calling a project specific phone number provided by NoteVault. This will allow everyone with the Alert Me! setting enabled to receive a simultaneous phone call and hear the audio recorded by the user that initiated Alert Me! This capability allows for an immediate response to an incident and provides valuable information, enabling responders to react to the situation appropriately and save critical time.

Because the Alert Me! notifications are triggered by a recorded voice note or phone call to the project phone number, it is highly recommended that Alert Me! be set up as it's own standalone project. Setting up Alert Me! is done by an Account Administrator at NoteVault.com. Once logged in, click on "Account Settings" at the top right of the page. From here, click "Account Projects" and then click "Add Project". Fill in the required project information, and make sure to check Yes for the question "Will any of the users on this project need to call in their notes because they don't have access to a smartphone?" This will automatically generate a phone number for this project. Click "Save", and from here enable Alert Me! for the users you choose by clicking the checkbox in the Alert Me! column.

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