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Procore <> NoteVault Enhanced Integration
Procore <> NoteVault Enhanced Integration
Written by Ang Dawa Sherpa
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Our new integration syncs Procore users and projects with NoteVault, and allows daily labor and equipment quantities along with notes and photos captured in NoteVault to post into Procore Daily Reports, RFI’s and Safety Observations.

Both integrations are available on our connections tab in our portal.

The diagram below shows how NoteVault Notes! and NoteVault Crew! data is sent to Procore once the integration is in place.

Notes that are tagged to categories will be pushed to Procore under DailyLogs. Notes that are tagged to RFI or Safety Observation will initiate workflows in Procore according to the mapping setup during connection mapping.

Crew! Labor will be pushed to Procore DailyLogs Manpower and DCR depending on the choice that is made during setup. Equipment from NoteVault Crew! will be pushed to DailyLogs Equipment in Procore.

Notes! images will be under Project Tools Photos.

Auto PDF reports will be pushed to a folder created under Documents called “NoteVault Daily Reports“.

Connection Settings

The Connection portal allows a NoteVault admin user to connect and authorize which Procore portfolio a user has access to. They can also start setting up project mapping.

The following screens show you how projects are mapped between NoteVault and Procore. You can also look up projects and map the ones that are not already in the mapped list but are available in the dropdown list from both the Procore Project and the NoteVault Project list.

The following is the main project settings menu for mapping details. Here you can map these additional details:

  • Companies from Procore within mapped project with NoteVault project subcontractors.

  • Users

  • Crew! - This allows you to either accept the default options; map Labor to manpower in Procore; map Labor to DCR in Procore; or map Equipment to Equipment in Procore, all under DailyLogs. You can also opt out of some and only set the ones you would like to populate in Procore.

  • Notes! - Allows you to enable categories so you can match with Procore project tools under Project Management (for example: DailyLogs, RFI, Observations, etc).

  • Categories - This is where the magic of notes pushing to Procore Project Tools under Project Management is happening. NoteVault has a simple list of categories such as RFI, Safety Observations, Delay, Safety Hazards, etc. We can map these list items to Procore Project Tools under DailyLog types such as Delay or Safety, and under RFI or Observation and its subtypes such as Quality and Safety. Once these are set notes tagged to categories in NoteVault, they will be automatically pushed to DailyLogs, RFI and Observations down to a sub type level so users don’t need to go to the Procore portal to do that, reducing double entries. RFI will be created as a draft and assigned to the initial RFI manager that can be set in mapping.

Categories Mapping:

Crew! Labor will be mapped automatically to Manpower and DCR type under DailyLogs.

Crew! Equipment will be mapped automatically to Equipment type under DailyLogs.
You have the option of excluding one or all if you choose not to push Crew data to Procore.

Other categories such as Delays and Observations can be mapped to a DailyLogs type.

RFI and Observation Safety categories are a special type of mapping that can be mapped to RFI in Procore and Safety Observations in Procore, respectively.

RFI mapping will let you assign an initial Manager, so when the note is pushed, it will create a draft of RFI in addition to pushing the note to the DailyLog Notes section. This can then be used as a trigger for RFI flow in Procore.

Similarly. Safety Observations types or subtypes can be mapped to a related category in NoteVault. This will allow notes to push directly under those types and initiate any notifications or triggers depending on settings within Procore tools.

Both RFI and Observations notes will be pushed to DailyLogs Notes as well.

The following screen shows options for how Notes can be pushed to Procore along with any attachments.

You have the option to exclude items from being pushed; by default, notes are pushed with categories and any attachments (photos, PDFs, documents, etc). You can then view those attached files inline with notes in Procore.

In addition to all these new and improved integrations, we are also pushing the Daily

PDF Report that was a part of the legacy integration. This will also be enabled by default when the project is mapped.

Procore DailyLog Report

This is the Procore DailyLog report that was set up for mapping. These are pushed from NoteVault.

Daily Log Inspection notes

Manpower Log

Daily Construction Report

NoteVault users can track skill levels on workers such as Foreman, Journeyman, Apprentice which are pushed into the appropriate column in the Procore DCR report. If another skill level is used, NoteVault pushes these hours as “Other” in Procore.


Photos attached to notes in NoteVault are automatically available in Procore Photos gallery.

NoteVault Daily Reports

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