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Are you getting too many NoteVault emails?
Are you getting too many NoteVault emails?
Read on to find out how to disable some NoteVault notifications.
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NoteVault has changed the default settings for Notifications. If you are receiving unwanted texts and/or emails pertaining to the list below, please use the steps provided to reduce or disable Notification texts or emails.

  • All Note Notifications

  • Keyword Notifications

  • Reminder Notifications

Log into the web portal at and review Notification settings and Project Preferences. Notification settings and Project Preferences are located under User Details. Personal User Details are in User Settings at the top left corner of the web portal:

User Details for other users are available to Account Administrators and are located under Account Settings > Account Users in the upper right corner of the web portal.

Account Administrators: To review user Notification settings and Project Preferences, click on a user’s name, then click Notifications/Project Preferences in the upper right corner:

Look for the Notifications/Project Preferences shown here once you are on the user’s profile:

A brief description of what each Notification does, is as follows:

Auto Report: The user will receive each day’s daily report.

All Notes: The user will receive a text, email or both whenever a new note is added to the project by any user.

Keywords: The user will receive a text, email, or both any time a note is created which contains keywords. Keywords can be set up under each user’s Notification settings.

Auto Reminders: If the user has not entered a note on the project by a specified time, they will receive a text, email, or both for that day reminding them to create a note.

Please note! When a user is first added to a project via Project Users, they will be automatically subscribed to Auto Reports. If you do not wish them to receive the daily reports, be sure to go back into the Project Users list and uncheck Auto Report.

Review and change Notifications or uncheck any boxes for notifications in Project Preferences which the user doesn’t need to receive.

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