How do I print my daily report?
The Print Report feature provides an easy way to generate an on-demand PDF.
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To print the Daily Report to a PDF, follow the steps below:.

  1. Click on "PRINT REPORT" link on the project as shown in this example project.

2. Click on "PRINT REPORT" and you will see the following dialog box:
Email Report will email this report to all project users who have subscribed to receive report.
PDF will generate report and provide you will the link to download.
Crew! Report this is a feature that will let you generate report of only your entries in this project for the selected day. This includes LME and notes by you. When you click on this link it will email you the report once it is completed.

3. To generate PDF report now and print click on "PDF", this will generate report in PDF and show you the link once the report is ready. It might take few seconds or up to a minute depending on content for this day. You will see "Click here" link as shown below when pdf is ready. This will let you download the report.

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