Compliance Report
Compliance provides an easy way to track who is and isn't using NoteVault
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Enable account and project administrators to track job site compliance

  • Compliance can be sorted by: NoteVault access, contributing notes, or contributing labor

  • We’ve also included a view that lets you know when users have received the daily report

  • Track this compliance across all projects, by individual project, or by users

  • Sort compliance by amount of usage, identifying “power users” and those that might need additional support

Export compliance data

  • The compliance report can be exported to an Excel file.

  • The report is color coded in order to give you a quick top level view of the information. You can also sort the data in any way that works for you.

Q: Does compliance track how many entries were made?
A: Not at this time.

Q: Can I customize a date range for compliance tracking?
A: Right now, compliance is tracked only by calendar month.

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